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Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

How To Watch Pay-Per View Content:

Click on the video you want to watch. Once taken to its page you will see 3 option of payment, which will allow you to have access to watch the video. Option 1 is “Promo code” . Enter the promo code on the back of your FAME DiGii Card to watch your video. Option 2 is the ability to pay for access with your PayPal account. The last option is to pay with your credit or debit card.

How Much Time Do I Have To Watch A Video I Paid To View?

You have 24 hours to watch your video.

Can I Watch Pay-Per-View Videos On My Cell Phone And Computer At The Same Time?

No. The system will block any users from using the same promo code simultaneously on two separate viewing.

How Do I Get A Promo Code?

There are two ways to get a promo code . The first is to select a payment from the online PPV page for the movie and make payment. Once the payment is complete you will get a email with the promo code . The code can then be used on the site to access the movie any time. The second is to buy a digii card from your local store and scratch off the back to get the promo code which can then be entered on the site to view the movie .

Can I Watch Videos On My Smart TV?

Smart TV support will be coming in the up coming weeks or sooner so stay locked in.

My Promo Code Is Not Working, Why Is That?

If your promo code is not working first ensure that you are typing it exactly as shown in your email or digii card. If it still does not work then contact the fame.watch support email for a new promo code .

Can I Share My Promo Code With A Friend?

You can let some one use your promo code but again no one can use the code at the same time. We will be monitoring user actions and if abuse of promo codes is found that promo code will be disabled

My Video is taking long to play, why is that?

Video response time is solely based on Internet speed. A slow internet will result in slow load time . The system will try to give you a video quality based on your internet speed but at the end of the day a slow internet will result in slow load times.  Please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).