Home Video Games FUNBASHUSA Inc Founder Announce The Urban Video Game League In NYC.
FUNBASHUSA Inc Founder Announce The Urban Video Game League In NYC.

FUNBASHUSA Inc Founder Announce The Urban Video Game League In NYC.


NEW YORK — Video gamers in the New York area now have a chance to compete in a new video game league call the Urban Video Game League (UVGL).

That’s right, the “Urban Video Game League” is coming – New York-based video game league operated by the company that brought you FUNBASH.

FUNBASHUSA Inc founder Jevante Qirashawn announced early Thursday morning that they are bringing beginners, novice and professional gamers together to compete while representing their regions and communities, a competition Jevante hopes will continue to expand his social entertainment brand.

“The large part of my mission is to give urban youth who love video games an atmosphere where there can come together and compete among other video game lovers,” Jevante told The Associated Press. “There’s going to be an opportunity for this first of a kind league to attract men and women within the age of 13 to 50 to finally have their own league with trophies, medals, and cash prizes. We expect many of these players to become very popular in the gaming circle while growing their seeding position during the tournament circuit. UVGL will be a welcoming distraction for young men and women whose focus has been directed mainly toward the streets.”‘

“UVGL” is scheduled to debut in October 2017. The league will start with about 288 registered members competing in GAMERZONE, a fighting tournament that will feature 6 fighting games; Street Fighter, Injustice 2, Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 7 and UFC – Members will be divided up into 15 clubs in 5 sanction regions. Regions and name of clubs will be announced later this month. The tournament circuit will also have sports and first-person video game competitions later this year.

“The idea sounds amazing,” said Mark Patterson, a New York native and frequent video game player who attends PACE University. “Having a video game league right here in the New York area would be awesome. A lot of us gamers been waiting for this for a long time.”

Gamers will be able to register for the league on Friday, October 6th at 1 am on www.tixizone.us. Register members will receive the official tournament book, Gaming t-shirt, access pass for GAMERZONE, membership V.I.P card and an official League 24×36 poster calendar.

The idea to create the video game league morphed out of a vision and an understanding that the urban community spends billions in video games and the equipment used to play them but lack a professional organization that design and implement quality tournaments for them.

Qirashawn said there are more than 500 thousand urban gamers in the city who buy games and play online daily with friends and strangers.

“Our targeted audience already has their own consoles,” he said. “I do think that players will be excited to know we exist and will fully engage with training for the league and competing for the title and bargain rights that come with it. That could mean having a successful gaming environment at each and every tournament.”

Gamers interested in joining the Urban Video Game League can get more information at facebook.com/gamerzoneus