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A First Look at ‘NBA LIVE 18’ In-Game Footage


Exactly a month ago, EA Sports held a special event in LA to give their community bloggers a hands-on experience with NBA LIVE 18. With the simulation basketball title set to have a public demo release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, official off-screen footage of the game has surfaced. Through the multiple videos of in-game footage we’ve seen, it’s taken a gigantic leap into becoming a legit competitor to the NBA 2K series (work-in-progress gampelay by the way).

While we don’t expect EA to hit a home run in their first outing back in the public eye, the footage looks very promising. Just keep in mind, when watching the videos, the people who are playing the game are really awful, which the gameplay and graphics are also work in progress.

Thanks to Xbox One profile game sharing, we’ll be owning both versions of the title. Our suggestion would be play Park and Drew League on LIVE and standard quick games on NBA 2K next season.