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Tomi Adeyemi’s Debut Novel Scores the Highest Book Deal in History


Children of Blood and Bone is a newly released novel that is being touted as the biggest fantasy debut of 2018. Within the story are elements of magic, royalty and the family power struggles that come with it, along with a fantastical world of wonder, all crafted by author Tomi Adeyemi.

The 24-year-old Nigerian-American’s first fiction novel is already drawing comparisons from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones to “Black Panther but with magic.” With all the critical acclaim and rave reviews, Adeyemi has also scored the biggest book deal in history, as well as a movie deal worth seven figures.

Adeyemi’s novel follows Zélie, the daughter of a fisherman, who is sent on a quest to restore magic to her culture. Adeyemi’s love of her Nigerian roots is heavily present in the novel, as characters wear Nigerian fashion, visit Nigerian places and cities, and is saturated in Nigerian culture and folklore. On Good Morning America, she said that while teaching in Brazil, she started working on the book and learned a lot about Nigerian mythology and incorporated as a central part of her book.