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We just got our second theatrical trailer for Captain Marvel thanks to Monday Night Football. As hoped/expected, this second sell has a bit more to offer than the unexpectedly cryptic first tease. No, it contains little in the way of Avengers 4 “clues,” just as Ant-Man and the Wasp’s marketing campaign had not a single explicit reference to Infinity War. Yes, the sell isn’t just “what makes her a hero” but also what makes Captain Marvel worth seeing beyond the customary “he” being a “she indegenerique.be.”

The trailer teases the notion that this 1990’s-set prequel is something of an origin story for at least part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its warring alien races will presumably be a key to whatever comes after Avengers 4. There is a solid mix of earthbound action and outer-space adventure (imagine if Green Lantern had the courage of its convictions in its crucial third act) and Ms. Marvel gets something resembling a droll personality.