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‘The Predator’ Trailer: Genetically Enhanced Monster


The titular creatures are unwittingly released by a young boy (Jacob Tremblay from “Wonder”), whose ex-soldier father (Boyd Holbrook) battles the now genetically enhanced Predators. The ensemble includes Keegan-Michael Key as a comrade in arms, Sterling K. Brown as a government agent, and Olivia Munn as a dissatisfied science teacher.

Among the cast members not seen in the teaser, Jake Busey plays the son of the special agent Peter Keyes, played by his real-life father, Gary Busey, in the first two films. The star of the original, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not expected to appear in the new movie.

The fourth film in the franchise (if you don’t count the two Alien vs. Predator” spinoffs), “The Predator” lands in theaters on Sept. 14.